Zero-K Race!

Be a Zero Hero


This is your chance! You can be the proud finisher of the fastest race around! 

A real Zero Hero!   

In a Zero-K, the race begins and ends at the same time and in the same spot.  

Anyone can participate! 

Join the Zero Hero race online, then tune in 7pm Wednesday, July 15th to “run” the race. 

Zero Heroes


ZERO Heroes  can also add 1, 2 or even 7 zeroes to their entry fee!

These funds will support Luccock during the summer of Covid-quiet, while we can't have camps but will still be maintaining the park.  Come up and see us, just not on race day, as that is ALL virtual!

We anticipate many personal records being both set and broken this day, so don't miss it! 

Introductory Video

What exactly is a Zero-K?  

Who Can Run a Zero-K?

Special thanks to our 'actors' who were great sports about their labels, especially the "old people" actress, who is, like we all are, about 30 years from being old.   :) 

Race Levels

Luccock Park sits at the feet of the mountains fondly named Faith, Hope and Charity by Luccock founders.  These mountains are incredible testaments to  the power of time and perseverance to overcome obstacles; values that give us hope in today's world.  

To honor those mountains, we have 3 race levels, each represented by a mountain.  These levels allow you to choose your donation amount.  Don't forget, you can add a zero, or seven to support Luccock.  

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Racers at this level receive a Tee-shirt and join Board members Su Debree, and Vicki Hasler in raising funds to roof the chapel.






Racers at this lever receive a bandanna and join Board members Dave Bergson, Austin Amestoy, and Roger Otstot raising funds for new shower floors, new bunks and other camp improvements. 






Racers at this level will receive both the tee-shirt and bandanna and will join board members Brad Poling,  Josi Wiligus, Daryl Hansen, Frank Johnson in raising funds for facilities, including a new, exciting building!   This level can also be used by teams, so recruit your friends and (don't) run this race!   

Don't Miss These Segments of How to be a Zero Hero!

Watch This!

An exuberant example of Zero-K mastery

We Like Zeros!

They help keep Luccock afloat. 

More Training Videos

Take a Nap, you big winner!

Austin, our youngest board member, knows how to win a Zero-K!

Serious Athletes do Pull-Ups

Zero Heroes do them this way!  Thanks for the lesson, Josi! 

The latest in training technology

Brad makes an important discovery during this training video!  

Even More Training Videos!

Su, do you take requests?

This proves that musicians can play and win at the same time! 

Milk Shake Training!

Be sure to enjoy the time lapse- it's important to your training!  

Registration Begins June 1st!