Thank You for Supporting Luccock

  Each year we serve over 10,000 meals to campers, volunteers and guests.   This means our facility gets a lot of wear and tear, and the weather has it's way with our buildings.  Below are a few of the upkeep projects we are working on.   Your donation helps us to keep this space ready for action!   

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Here are items big and small that will be delivered right to camp!    

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Painting the Buildings


Hundreds of staff and volunteer hours went into painting the lodge last year, and it looks GREAT!   The paint was generously donated by Sherwin Williams in Bozeman.  Be sure to thank them when you stop in.  

Now we take on the cabins!


We are in the middle of chinking Livingston cabin and would LOVE your help with this time consuming project.  As soon as that is done we are off and running with paint brushes to tackle Livingston and Laurel.  

It will take approximately 20 gallon of paint at a cost of $250 per 5 gallons., per building.  Help?!   

New Bunks


Our volunteers built 20 new bunk beds last year, and if you have slept in one of our antique metal bunks we know this makes you happy.   

Please consider donating $100 for each bunk you would like to see replaced.  $250 buys mattresses too.  

General Maintenance


Campfire rings, water heaters, porches, chimneys, the list goes on like this for quite a ways.  Your donation of time and money helps us click these things off the list!  

Movie night madness


This bowl of popcorn was made in a 12" cast iron skillet.   if you want to make us POP with joy, buy us a nice, big, shiny commercial popcorn machine, please.  (Oh, it took almost 2 hours of shaking in case you are wondering!)



Tongs and spoons, bowls and knives!  We'd like to update much of our kitchen equipment so that meal times are even more fun!